2 Great, Easy, FREE Tools for Sharing Your Digital Marketing Knowledge

We train many of our clients on how to make changes to their websites and improve their social media efforts.  Instead of travelling to our clients, we are now using some great tools  for sharing knowledge that are efficient, effective, easy-to-use for both trainer and trainee, and in many cases, are free or very reasonably priced. Let’s review two that may improve your communication with your clients, colleagues, friends or employees.

join.me_logoJoin.me. This is a great little tool that has a FREE and a Pro version, and can be used on a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.  The apps are on app store or google play. The free version allows up to hold 40-minute meetings with up to 10 participants as often as you like. You can chat, transfer files, use unified audio (VoIP), and you can choose to let participants control your computer.

The Pro version is reasonable at $19/month or $149/year (30% savings) and adds quite a bit of functionality.  This version includes unlimited meetings of up to 250 participants.  It allows for window sharing (you can choose which window to share while the rest of your screen is hidden), swapping of presenters, locked meetings, international conferencing, meeting scheduling, user management, reporting, and on-screen annotation.  It also has the custom options of personalizing your background and your meeting link.

Join.me is easy to use, though first-time participants do have to download an applet to us VoIP which can cause a bit of confusion, but once past that it works well.

Zoom.us.  Zoom.us is one of our more recent finds and I must say that we love this tool.  In fact, we are now using it in place of Skype.The video and sound quality is many times better, and there are almost never any dropped lines due to connection speeds as are so often experienced with Skype. The ability to have more than two people on video for free is a great plus.

Zoom’s FREE (personal) version has almost all the features of the Business version with the exception of meeting length and user management. The free version limits you meeting time to 40 minutes for up to 25 participants, and there is no download of software.  It’s truly click and play.  They offer HD video and voice, desktop and application sharing, active and spotlight speaker, iPad and iPhone screen sharing, schedule meetings, recording and playback, private and group chats, host controls, and Google and Facebook IM.

Zoom is super-easy to use, and once a participant receives an invite and clicks on the link, they are in – no muss, no fuss.

If you have a need for meetings that last longer than 40 minutes, the Business version is very reasonably priced at $9.99/month, and the HD quality is great.

Give both of these great tools for sharing a try and see which works best for your needs.  If you would like a step-through guide on how to register for and use these tools, please visit http://www.virtualfundamentals.com/small-business-marketing-presentations/ and download our FREE instruction guides.

Please be sure to let us know which you prefer and why, or if you have other tools that you use.  We are always looking for new ways to improve how we share.

To your success,

Joyce and Nancy

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