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email marketing campaigns to grow your business

Email Marketing Campaigns Grow Awareness, Drive Traffic to Your Website and Keep Your Company Top Of Mind

Email marketing is one of those virtual fundamentals for small business success in this internet age. In the old days, businesses spent a significant amount of money on direct mail. A graphic designer needed to create the postcard or flyer. A printer had to print lots of copies in color on card stock and then the post office would charge you postage for each piece sent. When it arrived in the customer’s mailbox, it often got tossed immediately into the trash.

Email marketing campaigns are strategically branded to match the look and the feel of the company’s website, business cards, etc. A template of the brand is created and saved in an ESP (Email Service Provider such as iContact, mailchimp, Constant Contact, aweber, etc.) Emails can be written, emailed and opened in the same day. That is progress you want to take advantage of  for your small business.

Communicating with your clients and potential clients via an email marketing campaign allows you to regularly stay in touch. It is a very efficient and effective communication tool and available at a price you can marketing is cheap compared to direct mail

Emails are easily forwarded to a recipient’s friend, family member or co-worker who they know are in the market to buy your products or use your services right now. New people can add themselves to the email marketing database without ever meeting you or communicating with you. In addition, your website and your social media marketing channels can ask for email addresses and they will be immediately uploaded to your email marketing database, without you lifting a finger.

Appropriate email marketing campaigns also allow people to unsubscribe if they feel spammed or feel your content is not good enough or helpful enough for them to waste their email inbox real estate. Once someone unsubscribes, the ESP will never let you email that person again. This is why it is so important to have an email marketing strategy before you embark and not email content that is not of email marketing and inbox real estatesignificant benefit to your audience.

Email marketing increases your revenue by encouraging customers to choose doing business with your company when they are in the market to buy because you have remained in touch and your brand has been raised in their top of mind awareness.

Take advantage of all those contacts you have met at networking events, workshops, etc. by capturing their name and email address into your email marketing database. Too many small business owners have these business cards in a box and don’t maintain the discipline of updating their email database on a regular basis.

We will get you up and emailing your announcements, your latest news, your discounted call to action, your newsletters, and/or your promotions (discounts and coupons) quickly and inexpensively.

Virtual Fundamentals can assist you with all steps of the email marketing campaign:

  • Create your initial database of email addresses within an ESP (Email Service Provider such as Constant Contact) by uploading/important your contacts or we can even get those cards out of the box and typed into the computer.
  • Show you how to expand your email marketing database on an on-going basis with new contacts and customers who have given you their email address.
  • Create an email template consistent with your brand image.
  • Help you decide on content and frequency of your email marketing campaigns.
  • Improve your email subject line to improve the likelihood of it being opened.
  • Advise you as to the best day to send out the email.
  • Evaluate the results of your email communication and make suggestions for changes.

If you would like to take over at this point, we will transfer everything over to you. If you would prefer us to stay on and continue this part of your marketing plan, we will do so for a monthly fee.

If you have any questions about branding your small business or any other aspect of successful internet marketing, please give us a call at 754-229-1232 for a FREE consultation.


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