Effective Websites Convert Visitors to Customers

Your small business website is the cornerstone of your marketing plan. Think of it as your best salesperson: converting potential customers into paying customers.

Your website is your best chance to sell, persuade, and show prospective customers every facet of your business, skill, and talent – what you can do for them that no one else can do quite as well.

Your Website Keywords are Important For Driving Traffic to Your Website

The first step for building a website or redesigning an existing website is to identify the keywords potential customers would enter into search engines to find your products/services. Keyword decisions will impact the page titles, alt text for photos, paragraph headers and content on the site. Too often websites are developed before an SEO ‘expert’ is hired to optimize the site. We work with our clients to make these important decisions upfront and optimize the site right from the beginning. Read more on getting more website visitors.

Make Your Website User Friendly

People like to scan through information on the internet rather than read long paragraphs of text. Use white space, bullet points and images to break up your text.

With more and more internet users accessing it on smaller screens (phones and tablets) your site needs to be responsive (i.e. easily viewed and searchable from any size screen.

Update Your Website Regularly

Make changes to your website on a regular basis. The look of websites change over time and so should yours. If you website appears dated, it negatively impacts the first impression of potential customers. You wouldn’t send out a salesperson to represent your company in worn out clothes.

Successful businesses understand their website needs to be constantly evolving to become better at converting website visitors to paying customers. It’s an important experiment that never ends with the goal being a better return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Writing a blog and adding new posts frequently with valuable information that your target audience would be interested in knowing about is important in establishing you as a expert in your field. It is also a great way to use your keyword phrases to improve your rankings in the search engines.

Creating valuable content takes time.  Distribute it in as many different places as possible. It should be shared in a snippet format on your social media channels, on a video, on a podcast, in an email campaign.  Send those audiences to your website blog page to read more.

Experiment With Your Call To Action

What do your want your website visitors to do? That is your call to action and that CTA should be prominently displayed on every page. Should they “buy today” or should they “call now for a consultation” or should they “sign up for your email newsletter”. Decide what you are going to offer as an incentive to encourage them to respond.

Professional  website design for small business is an essential component of your internet marketing

Virtual Fundamentals designs professional websites where customers can learn about and purchase your products and services.

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