Three Important Google Tools for Your Business

Use Google Analytics, Google Local Listings and Google Maps

Free Tools to Improve Your Internet Marketing Efforts and Your Website

  • Google Analytics: An Essential Market Research Tool

Thanks to the internet you have a wonderful opportunity to test, track and improve the effectiveness of your internet marketing efforts. Every website should include code for Google Analytics. Your Google Analytics account is a free, easy to set up and important market research tool. Continue reading

Brand Your Business On The Internet

Branding your company = creating an impression among consumers that communicates what to expect from your products and services.

The goal of  your brand marketing strategy is to assist the consumer in quickly identifying your company.

Successful branding is about repetition. Consistently tell the same story, display the same look, and deliver dependable quality. Continue reading

Tips on Turning Contacts into Customers with Email Marketing

effective email marketing tips

Email Marketing Tips

As social media channels continue to limit who can see your content, it is even more important to capitalize on communicating with your audience via email.

Your email database should grow on a weekly basis.  Upload the email addresses of all new connections on a regular basis. Collecting business cards in a drawer or in your purse does not encourage connection and ongoing communication.

Email marketing campaigns are the most cost effective way to stay in touch and encourage people to visit your website and buy your products and/or services. They also allow your fans to forward your message to others they know who many benefit from your products/services. Expanding the reach of your message even further. Continue reading

Four Important Things to Know About Using Photos on Your Website

1.  Using photos or images on your website can benefit your website but you need to know how to maximize their effectiveness. Website visitors are turned off by long paragraphs of text. They are scanning your site to see if your company offers the services or products they need/want.  Most of these visitors are in a somewhat hyperactive state.  They want information and they want it fast. If your website looks too wordy, they will move on to another website.

Use images/photos to break up the text into bite-sized pieces.  Using the right image often reinforces the message communicated in the text. Continue reading

Five Important Year-End Internet Marketing Analyses

It’s that time of the year for finalizing your 2014 marketing plan.  You should not be committing to next year’s internet marketing strategies without analyzing what worked in 2013 and what did not. Here are five year-end internet marketing analyses we recommend. Continue reading