Your Website Design Can Be Influenced By The Analysis Of Your Competitors Websites

Internet Marketing - Know Your CompetitionWe were approached by a potential client who wanted to get to the top of the Google search results (don’t we all want this prize).  Her company was actually coming up pretty high in search engine results.  We then looked at her Google Analytics account and found that her company website was getting visitors.  Unfortunately, her phone was not ringing.  The website was for transmission services.  Just about every visitor to that website is in need of transmission services right now or they wouldn’t be going to the website.  If they weren’t calling her repair shop, they must be calling her competition.  The question was why.

She hired us to figure it out.

It turns out that two of her local competitors’ websites included a $200 off coupon.  This is an awesome call to action.  She could not afford to not be competitive on this type of offer.  The dilemma was that her margins were not high enough to allow her to offer a $200 discount just to get the customer.  So, we created an ‘unbelievable coupon offer’ which we referenced at the top of her page.  Here is that coupon: Response to a competitor's coupon | know your competitor's agenda

We also modernized the look of her website and eliminated much of the clutter on the existing home page.  We branded the company as ‘doing business the old fashioned way…with integrity.’

The lesson is that even though many of us are doing business online and using social media marketing, the good old fashioned marketing requirement of knowing what your competitors are doing is just as important as it always was.  The difference now is that it is much easier to get the information about what your competitors are up to by regularly checking their websites. You need to schedule this research task on your calendar since many businesses are revising and updating their websites to be more competitive online.

The point of your call-to-action is to get them to contact you!Our client’s new improved website will be going live next week.  If the phone does not start ringing, we will have to try another experiment.  We know if you continue doing what you are currently doing you are going to get the same results.  Marketing is about finding the sweet spot and making your call to action effective.


Nancy Leve, M.A. is a professional speaker, small business coach, and partner in Virtual Fundamentals, an internet marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Please connect with Virtual Fundamentals via FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, You Tube … or call her via her cell phone at 954-562-5951

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