Pinterest Boards for Business

Use Pinterest to Reach More Customers

use pinterest to reach more customersPinterest debut was in 2010 and gained popularity very quickly.

Pinterest like Instagram is a popular vehicle for telling a story through photos. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest photos are frequently tied to text descriptions of the product photos such as a food photo tied with the recipe to prepare the meal.

Visualize Pinterest Boards as subject matter cork boards with pinned photos which may be products, food and drink recipes, inspirational quotes, DIY projects and crafts etc. Our Virtual Fundamentals board includes photos of the websites we’ve built as a portfolio of our products.

The overwhelming majority of Pinterest users are females with males users interested in sports, men’s fashion, autos, etc.

Pinterest is very popular among millennials but the median age of users is 40 years of age.

Pinterest for businesses can act as a virtual storefront. Pins (photos) can be added to another person’s board easily.

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