Social Media Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Technological advances are changing the way we do business. Previously, business owners had to pay very high rates for newspaper, TV and radio advertising.  Those media were charging businesses to communicate with their audience.  Businesses paid to advertise to all those people who read the newspaper, watched that TV program or listened to that radio station. 

Now with social media marketing, you are currently able to create your own audience for free. Unfortunately, it is also very time consuming. You may choose to focus on some platforms rather than being on all channels. It is better to do some things well than try to do all things and performing poorly.

The best social media channels for your business is best determined based on your target audience and where on social media you can best find them.

Below are some social media marketing services we provide to assist you in establishing a presence for your business without necessitating a long learning curve. 

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Use Blogs On Your Social Media Channels:
Think of a blog (abbreviation for web-log) as an online business diary with entries arranged in chronological order. It is a medium for providing information, tips, and insights but not for direct selling. Writing a blog allows you to stand out as a subject area expert. 

It takes a lot of time to write a good informative article but it takes even more time to distribute it so that it has maximum exposure to your target audience. For each blog, consider the time spent writing it as 20% of the time allocated to the endeavor. The other 80% should be spent promoting it in lots of different places.  Beyond your social media channels, you can post it on your business listings in the many different free directory channels available. You can also turn your blog into a video (just talk about what you just wrote about and show some examples) or a podcast.

Many business owners struggle with what to write about on their blog. Start with the typical questions your potential customers ask about your products or services. Choose a catchy blog title to get your audience to take a look. Good blog titles examples are everywhere.

Creating a blog timetable and strategy is great for maximizing your subject matter to use the keywords important on your website and in your industry.

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