Turning Contacts into Customers with Email Marketing

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As social media channels continue to limit who can see your content, it is even more important to capitalize on communicating with your audience via email.

Your email database should grow on a weekly basis.  Upload the email addresses of all new connections on a regular basis. Collecting business cards in a drawer or in your purse does not encourage connection and ongoing communication.

Email marketing campaigns are the most cost effective way to stay in touch and encourage people to visit your website and buy your products and/or services. They also allow your fans to forward your message to others who may benefit from your products/services. Expanding the reach of your message even further.

Having your emails delivered by an email service provider such as mail chimp, constant contact, etc. increases the likelihood of your emails being delivered to an inbox rather than a spam folder.   When was the last time you checked your spam folder and opened an email in it? Clearly getting your email delivered is the first necessary step of an effective campaign.

The ‘subject’ line, the ‘from’ line and the day/time of delivery are variables that can help entice the recipient to open the email. That is step two. But, one of the benefits of email marketing is that even if your communication (email message) is not opened, your audience has been reminded of your name and the products/services your business delivers just by seeing your business name in the ‘from’ line.

Once opened, the email must deliver content that is of benefit to the reader: step three. We are all challenged with too many emails in our inbox. Useless or sales spam content encourages an un-subscribe. A click on the unsubscribe button (which must legally be included in all emails) results in you never being able to contact that person again for subsequent campaigns.

And finally, you need to include a call to action in the email asking the reader to do something, i.e. call for a free consultation, visit your website, buy your product, etc. step four.

All emails should be branded to promote the image your business is conveying on all other marketing materials. Once you have successfully branded your email template, it is easy to use the template for subsequent campaigns.

On-going testing of which subject lines, which CTAs, which delivery days and times work best for your audience is essential to improving your email campaigns over time.

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