Why You Should Use Google AdWords Sooner Rather Than Later

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People are searching for your products or services on line and most use Google Search to find them.  91% of US consumers use the internet to look for local goods and services (Verisign 2015 U.S. online survey)

Most businesses want to rank high in the organic (free) listings. This necessitates good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which includes the use of good keyword phrases in the appropriate places on your website, being mobile friendly, having a quick page load speed and having other high-ranking websites backlinking to your site. It takes time and effort to move up to really high organic listings for your business. Being listed on page 2 or later in the organic listings means you won’t be found by many searchers.

Creating a free account with Google My Business can help you get a pin on the map on the first page of Google Search for local searchers.

Google AdWords campaigns are taking up more space on the first page search results. Furthermore, WordStream reports that half of all searchers cannot differentiate between an ad and an organic listing in the search results.

Global digital advertising revenue in 2016 was $190.6 billion (Wall Street Journal) and Google captured approximately 33% of that total (Facebook captured 14%.) As more and more ad dollars move out of other vehicles (newspaper, etc.), the more that large scale businesses will be spending on Google AdWords campaigns. As big players put big money into Google AdWords, the price for competitive keywords will rise and the small business owner will be priced out.

If you think you cannot afford to start using Google AdWords campaigns, you would be mistaken. Any budget is workable by managing when your ad will show (days of the week and times in the day.) Let’s consider a business owner who only wants to budget $50/month for their campaigns.  That business could set up a daily maximum budget spend of $25/day and only run the ads on Mondays. If after 2 weeks, $50 was spent, pause the campaign until the following month.

Hopefully, over time you will see an increase in your online generated revenue which you could then put back into Google AdWords with a higher budget spend amount.

Although I’m a fan of D-I-Y business owners, unlike creating your own website, social media postings, etc., I believe it is important to use a professional to set up your campaign.  Attempting to do-it-yourself will probably result in wasted ad dollars and cause you to walk away from something that could be very beneficial to your bottom line.

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