You Tube For Business


Use YouTube to Grow Customer Base

You Tube For Business

Created in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2006.

Savvy business owners use video marketing in communicating with existing and potential customers. It is a powerful tool in building relationships.

People enjoy watching video. It feels like a break from all the text we are inundated with via emails, Facebook messages, Tweets, etc.

It is surprising that more marketers are not using video to communicate with their target audience and stand out from their competitors. Lots of people feel uncomfortable being captured on video and your competitors might be allowing this discomfort to keep them from creating videos.

While others are waiting to produce high quality professional commercial-like videos, you could be using videos to create relationships with people who want to know you as an authentic human being. We all skip commercials because they lack authenticity.

Including a YouTube video of the business owner allows customers to relate to you as a real person. People prefer to buy products and services from someone they know rather than a cold corporate entity.

The link to your video(s) can be added to your website, your Facebook page and/or emailed to your customers.

Business Marketing with video on You Tube

Watch this video on getting started with your video marketing.

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